Who Are We

When I was very young my parents gave me a kitten as a birthday gift. Her name was "Holiday." Within a month or so, Holiday passed away during a procedure at the vet. No explanation was given, and my parents got another cat shortly thereafter. Didi was the family cat, and I loved her, but she was not my birthday cat. Since then many, many, many cats and dogs (and other pets) have passed through my life. Some goodbyes were easier than others, and they all left a mark. At the start of 2020 I met Colleen Ellis through a Pet Loss and Grief Companioning Certification Course. Compelled by Colleen's compassion for the subject, I returned home to Central Texas and looked into Support Groups in the area, and did not find much available.

With the encouragement of PAWs Shelter of Central Texas, and the addition of two good friends who have considerable knowledge of their own when it comes to pet loss and grief -we offer an outlet for those in our area and beyond in need of solace and support.


We are associated with these fine organizations.

PAWs Shelter of Central Texas - https://pawsshelter.org/

Lizzy’s Animal Hospice - https://lizzyshospice.com/

Sweetheart Pet Services - https://www.sweetheartpetservices.com/

with grateful appreciation for her time and knowledge
Coleen Ellis and Two Hearts Pet Loss Center - https://twoheartspetlosscenter.com/